Josh Breiger

Knowledge Transfer with a Language Barrier

As anyone learning a language can attest, being unable to use your first language makes communication much harder. As companies continue to become increasingly multinational, language barriers have become more of problem in business communication.

Questions are at the core of learning and communicating and it is often difficult to articulate a question in your non-native tongue. Difficulty asking a question creates confusion, or even worst, the possibility of a question not being asked at all. If questions are not asked, answers are not given and productivity is lost. To avoid this, companies must provide a way for their workers to ask questions in their first language. Solvepath, a social enterprise Q & A, is an example of a specific platform which provides this.

Solvepath works by allowing employees to ask questions and get answers from experts in the company. With the help of Natural Language Processing, keywords are tagged, and experts are then notified. The specialists receive the questions in the original language it was asked with the ability to translate if necessary.

It is important that if a company’s primary language is Slovenian, then users can ask questions in Slovenian. If they speak Vietnamese, then users can ask questions in Vietnamese. With Solvepath, there is no need to worry about not having your language available as Solvepath provides 43 languages! The languages are:

Arabic Bulgarian Catalan Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional Czech Danish Dutch
English Estonian Finnish French
German Greek Haitian Creole Hebrew
Hindi Hmong Daw Hungarian Indonesian
Italian Japanese Korean Latvian
Lithuanian Malay Maltese Norwegian
Persian Polish Portuguese Romanian
Russian Slovak Slovenian Spanish
Swedish Thai Turkish Ukrainian
Urdu Vietnamese Welsh


Having such a large list allows experts to give their full explanations without worrying about the language barrier.

Solvepath is simple, easy to use and an efficient way to increase productivity and knowledge. Additionally, the ability to speak your first language allows international companies to share knowledge flawlessly without wasting time trying to work in another language.

Try Senexx’s new Sandbox – an interactive demo of Solvepath! The Sandbox allows you to get an in-depth explanation of how Solvepath works, and shows you how question translation works.